Little Girl Dies In Freak Accident


A little girl visiting a zoo in Morocco was killed there after an elephant hurled a rock at her.

The 7-year-old girl was visiting the zoo in Rabat, Morocco's capital, with her family, according to Daily Mail.  

She was taking a picture with her family outside of the elephant's pen when the elephant, named Assia, picked up a large stone and hurled it into the air. The stone struck the girl in the back of her head.

The girl was knocked unconscious, and later died from her injuries at a nearby hospital.

According to local reports, the girl's father had lifted her up onto his shoulders so that the girl's mother could snap a photograph of the two of them in front of the elephant's pen.

A zoo spokesman offered condolences to the family in a statement, but said that there had been no security breaches and that the girl had not crossed into a protective area outside of the enclosed area.

"Accidents of this type are rare, unforeseeable, and unusual. Accidents of this nature happened in international zoos, most recently in Disney World Orlando and the Cincinnati Zoo in the United States," the statement read.

A video posted to social media showed the girl receiving medical care from passersby and someone who appears to be in uniform.  A commentator in the video noted that the accident had occurred over 5 minutes before medical personnel arrived, according to Morocco World News.

"Primarily responsible for this tragedy is the director of the Rabat Zoo. How is it possible that the place receives a large number of visitors but there is no ambulance station?" the comment reads.

Sources: Daily Mail, Morocco World News / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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