Lion Kills Illegal Hunter In South Africa

A 24-year-old man who was one of a group of five illegally hunting in South Africa became the prey when a lion mauled him to death on Oct. 22.

Matome Mahlale was hunting without a license with his four companions at a private game farm in Limpopo near Kruger National Park, EWN reports.

“They came across two lions,” local police spokesperson Ronel Otto said, according to EWN. "Three men managed to climb into a tree, and the other one managed to escape. But the deceased and two dogs were mauled by the lion. The other three men managed to reach safety after the lions left the scene."

Otto added that an investigation into the incident will take place.

Police also urged people to avoid hunting illegally, warning how dangerous it could be, Independent Online reported.

“There won’t be many people feeling sorry for him,” an unnamed local told Express. "This is seen as poetic justice for the death of Cecil."

Cecil was the lion killed across the border in Zimbabwe by Walter Palmer while on an illegal hunt.

The death of Cecil made global headlines after it emerged Palmer had shot him with an arrow, before pursuing him and shooting him to death 40 hours later.

It was revealed earlier this month that charges are not to be brought against Palmer.

“LionAid is disappointed but not at all surprised that Zimbabwe eventually decided to decline prosecution of Walter Palmer,” a spokesman for the animal charity said.

“After all, Walter Palmer was only one of many hundreds of trophy hunters before him who hunted at the thin edge of the law,” the spokesman added. “If Zimbabwe had decided to prosecute Walter Palmer it would have established a procedure by which future Walter Palmers could be prosecuted.”

Sources: Express, EWN, Independent Online / Photo credit: Express.co.uk


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