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Lesbian Lawmaker Visits Mosque To Prove Nobody There Cares About Sexuality, Shocked By Treatment

Lesbian Lawmaker Visits Mosque To Prove Nobody There Cares About Sexuality, Shocked By Treatment Promo Image

Premier Kathleen Wynne of Ontario, Canada, made a trip to an Ontario mosque to pay her respects to the local Muslim community after a terrorist attack at a Quebec mosque left six dead. Some were surprised, however, to see that the lesbian politician had to sit in the back corner of the room while the men prayed, according to Mad World News.

"There should be no fear ever in worshipping your God, our God, in Ontario or in Canada," Wynne told the worshippers at the Muslim Association of Canada's Masjid Mosque. "There is no place for the kind of violence that would make people fear of going to their place of worship."

She said that Canadians were "shocked" by the Quebec terrorist attack, adding: "Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and families of this horrible act of violence."

According to the Toronto Sun, some were surprised that Imam Wael Shehab invited Wynne to the mosque, as he had previously expressed anti-homosexual views. In a 2015 interview with, the iman asserted that "homosexuality is a sinful act in Islam." 

The imam then cited Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, who is quoted as saying: "We should consider them people who get themselves engaged in a sinful act. We should deal with them in the same way we deal with any people who are involved in alcoholics, gambling or adultery. We should have deep repugnance to their acts and we must remind and warn them."

Wynne didn't acknowledge the Imam's previous statements, instead choosing to focus on a message of healing in a dark time.

"Our government stands with you," she told the worshippers. "We are not different. We are the same. We are all Canadians."

Despite his previously stated views on homosexuality, Shehab said that he cherished the premier's visit and her words. 

"We very much appreciated Premier Wynne coming," Shehab said. "We as Muslims understand it's unfair to blame communities for this behavior and this crime. We all stand for justice, security and peaceful order."


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