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Lebanese Father Jumped On Suicide Bomber On Bus After Handing Daughter To His Wife

The Lebanese father of a 3-year-old became an instant hero after he reportedly gave his toddler daughter to his wife and jumped on top of a suicide bomber seconds before the man blew himself up on a bus, killing several people.

Qasim Hatoum reportedly noticed the Saudi terrorist on a bus in Damascus, Syria, as he was preparing to detonate explosives, reports the Daily Mail. In an effort to cushion the impact of the blast and save lives, the father reportedly handed his child to his wife and jumped on top of the bomber, who was later identified as a member of the al-Qaeda Syrian group al-Nusra Front.

Despite his heroic attempt, the blast reportedly killed him, as well as six other people, and wounded 19 others.

Hatoum’s toddler is reportedly hospitalized and being treated for shrapnel wounds, while his wife reportedly survived the attack and is not injured. 

Hatoum was reportedly hailed as a “martyr” on news website Al Akhbar, which also reported that the terrorist boarded a bus pretending to be a traveling salesman. The vehicle was reportedly carrying pilgrims close to Damascus’ Sayyida Ruqayya shrine, which is run by Hezbollah.

Following the attack, Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi reportedly told parliament that Syria plans to “flush out all terrorists” this year.

Hezbollah released a statement condemning the bombing that “infidel criminals” carried out on the Damascus bus.

Source: Daily Mail, Al Akhbar/Photo Credit: REUTERS via Daily Mail


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