Kurdish Forces Continue To Execute ISIS Militants Days After Successfully Liberating Kobane


Less than two weeks after Kobane, Syria regained control of the region, bodies of Islamic State militants litter village streets. If nothing else, they send a powerful message. 

Now that Kobane has been liberated, Popular Protection Units fighters (YPG) are attempting to retake control of surrounding towns that are still under ISIS control. It is estimated that at least 350 villages near Kobane are under the command of ISIS.

The fight between the YPG and ISIS is, and has been, deadly. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that Director Rami Abdel Rahman said, “Nineteen ISIS members were killed in fighting against the (Kurdish) People's Protection Units (YPG) in the hills surrounding Manaz to the west of Kobane,” according to the Daily Mail. Rahman also tells AFP that the People's Protection Units (YPG) took one ISIS militant captive and 3 other ISIS militants were killed while fighting.

“In the last four months, almost 1,000 IS militants have been killed by Kurdish fighters, other than those killed by US-led coalition airstrikes”, Rahman tells Bas News.

In a photo posted by the Daily Mail, a Kurdish fighter is seen standing over at least 8 dead bodies of ISIS members. Another photo shows rockets lying on the ground. The Daily Mail reports that the YPG has been busy dismantling abandoned bombs that could possibly explode at any moment.

Thousands of villagers fled to Turkey before Kobane was liberated and are now seeking to make a home for themselves. A refugee camp was opened on Sunday near the Syrian border, the Daily Mail reports, which may provide somewhat of a temporary safe haven.

The terrific news for Kobane, since ISIS has been removed from power over the village, is that it is unlikely the terrorist organization will return. Rahman tells Bas News, “The return of the insurgents to Kobani is a dream that will not come true, as they are desperately trying to establish a route out of the area for good.”

Sources: Daily Mail; Bas News

Photo: Wikimedia


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