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Knife-Wielding Man Stabs 10 Children In China

A man wielding a knife attacked 10 children outside the gates of a primary school in China, sparking outrage among Chinese parents who demand greater security in schools.

State media reported that the man stabbed six boys and four girls outside Yang Fan Primary School in the city of Haikou in the province of Hainan on Feb. 29, according to The Independent. All were taken to the hospital and two were treated for serious injuries, although none were life-threatening. The only death was the perpetrator, who took his own life before he was arrested.

Chinese police called it a "vicious" attack "brought on by extreme actions," according to The Independent. Violent crime in China is relatively rare and the country has a murder rate that is only about one-fifth of the rate in the U.S., according to Freakonomics. However, several notable violent crimes -- most involving stabbings with knives or axes -- have taken place in recent years.

In 2014, China’s Xinhua news agency reported that a man attacked a primary school in central China, fatally stabbing three children before committing suicide by jumping off a building, according to CNN. In 2012, a different man wounded 23 students outside a school in Henan province, claiming he had been inspired by an earlier series of attacks on children that took place in 2010.

Although police don't have a motive for the recent attack, most stabbing attacks in the past have been carried out by individuals who are mentally ill or have a personal grudge against the school, according to The Independent. Chinese leaders, fearing copycat attacks, often censor reports of such events in the state media and block online discussions of the attacks.

Sources: The Independent, Freakonomics, CNN / Photo credit: Anna Frodesiak/Wikimedia Commons

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