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Kitten Barely Survives Rush Hour Traffic (Video)

A small kitten was nearly run over during recent rush hour traffic in Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. A video (below) of the near-death experience was uploaded on YouTube on Dec 2.

In the video, the feline steps off the sidewalk (right side), and tries to make its way through traffic. After the kitten is nearly squashed, an unidentified man jumps out of his vehicle and saves the wayward cat from certain death. translated some of the Russian comments on YouTube:

"My heart stopped."

"I even cried."

"Cats really do have 9 lives!"

"This man is a hero of our time."

"[G]ood exists in our world."

"[W]ell done, man."

Another kitten was almost killed on a roadway in Kaliningrad, Russia, in September (video below). 

Us Weekly reported that that kitten had fallen out of an SUV and onto a busy street. The feline dodged death for more than three minutes until a motorist, Denis Degtyarev, made a daring rescue.

Degtyarev later told Life.Ru:

I checked him quickly as I picked him up. He looked deeply shocked but all right in that nothing was broken or badly bruised. There was no blood. I drove it to the sport school which my kids attend, and friends of ours quickly found him a new family. He is doing well now.

Sources:, US Weekly / Photo Credit: YouTube

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