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Kim Jong Un Debuts Weird New 'Do

Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea infamous for atrocities against his own people, including buying luxury goods as his citizens starve to death, is raising eyebrows with the absence of his.

Kim attended a politburo, a meeting of communist leaders, on Feb. 18 and jarred spectators with his appearance. Kim Jong Un’s eyebrows appear to have shrunk and his hair is now bizarrely voluminous and box-shaped. 

Compared to a year ago, Kim has also appears heavier, New York Daily News reported. 

Kim Jong Un is no stranger to questionable fashion choices, and actor Randall Park, who played Kim in “The Interview,” said the haircut was the worst part of playing the dictator. 

"I have to walk around like this all the time so I wear a beanie," Park told reporters. "But sometimes I have no choice but to wear my hair and I try to make it look as normal as possible — but no, there's no chance.”

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Kim Jong Un’s eccentricities have often been the butt of jokes in the West, but since assuming the position of Supreme Leader in 2011, he has proven a brutal leader.

In 2014, a United Nations inquiry detailed the treatment of North Korean citizens, including prison camps that engaged in torture, rape, enslavement and execution of prisoners - including those who are incarcerated for politically opposing Kim’s rule, Reuters reported.

Sources: Reuters, New York Daily News, New York Times Image via Twitter


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