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Woman Who Kidnapped Baby In Garbage Bag Sentenced (Photos)

Woman Who Kidnapped Baby In Garbage Bag Sentenced (Photos) Promo Image

A woman has been sentenced to 11 years in prison after she allegedly kidnapped her friend's 5-month-old baby and put her in a plastic garbage bag.

Yin Sotheara, a 34-year-old woman from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, has been convicted of attempted murder after the incident, which took place in March, Daily Mail reports.

Yin reportedly had been playing cards with the child's mother and a group of friends before she snuck into the baby's room and wrapped a black garbage bag around her, using a rope to lower her from the window.

She also reportedly taped the girl's mouth shut.

After Yin left the house and rode her motorcycle home with the baby, she began to feel guilty and left her back outside of the family's house.

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In the morning, residents found the baby girl surrounded by bags of garbage.

Yin, who was in debt and widowed, had reportedly planned to use the baby to get the family to pay her a ransom, according to police.

Yin confessed to the kidnapping, but said that it was because she "loved the baby too much," according to the Phnom Penh Post.

"I am completely obsessed with loving this baby and I had a rash idea," she said in court.

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Yin's lawyer, Cheat Sokha, called the 11-year jail sentence "severe."

"I think the sentence was very severe for her," said Sokha. "During the hearing, I requested the judges to change the charge, but the judges did not change it. I think the [Appeal Court] will understand her."

Sokha requested that Yin's charge be changed from attempted murder to theft, but Judge Tob Chhun Heng said Yin's actions were "brutal" and that the baby girl could have suffocated during the incident, adding that Yin should have known the danger she was putting the baby in.

In another story about a kidnapped baby, a woman who admitted that she stole a 19-day-old infant from a hospital in 1987 and raised her as her own daughter was sentenced to 12 years in jail, according to CNN.

"I would like to apologize to the family," said Ann Pettway, 50, who pleaded guilty to kidnapping. "I am deeply sorry for what I've done. If they don't accept it, it's understandable. I'm here today to right my wrong and ask for forgiveness."

The victim, who is now in her 20s, was reunited with her birth parents after she was trying to get prenatal care for her own pregnancy in 2010. Pettway would not give her a birth certificate, and the victim received a DNA test that confirmed she was not related to Pettway.

"I never had a chance to put my daughter on a school bus," said the victim's father, Carl Tyson, at the hearing for Pettway's sentencing. "What they should give you is 23 years for what you took from me."

"I only spent 19 days with [the victim] from birth, and those were the most memorable days of my life," said her birth mother, Joy White.

Sources: Daily Mail, Phnom Penh Times, CNN / Photo Credit: Toshiyuki Imai/Flickr, Viral Press via Daily Mail

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