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Kenyan Man Installs Surveillance Cameras In House, Discovers His Maid Doing Something Disturbing

A 19-year-old Kenyan maid was arrested for allegedly urinating on her employer's food.

Police in Mombasa, Kenya, say they arrested the teen, who has not been identified, earlier this month after she was accused of tampering with her employer's food multiple times, Bella Naija reported.

The unidentified employer suspected that the maid had been poorly treating his kids, so he installed video cameras in his home to see what she was doing.

When he reviewed the footage, he noticed that the maid was urinating into the pots that were cooking on the stove. 

The family turned their maid into police immediately.

When the maid was questioned, she admitted to urinating in her employer's food several times because she said he had mistreated her.

Sources: WorldWide Weird News, Bella Naija / Photo credit: WorldWide Weird News, Wikimedia Commons


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