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Man Punches Kangaroo In The Face (Video)

A man punched a kangaroo in the face to protect his dog, and the blow was caught on camera (video below).

In the video, a man in a flannel shirt is seen running towards his dog. When the man moves to the side, the footage reveals that a kangaroo has the dog in a headlock.

The kangaroo frees the dog when the man approaches him, steps back on its two legs and proceeds to jump towards the man.

The man then puts his arms up as if he's preparing to box and throws one punch at the kangaroo, hitting the animal in the face.

The kangaroo does not fall down and stands proudly staring at the man, who walks away.

Two dogs are then seen running near the kangaroo, but neither approaches the animal.

A friend of the man who punched the kangaroo shot the footage from a vehicle in the Australian Outback, according to the Daily Mail.

The men were reportedly on a hunting trip when the dog owner attempted to get his dog Max to return to them. When the dog didn’t return, the men soon discovered the kangaroo had gotten a hold of Max and took action.

Since Steven Stubenrauch posted the footage to Facebook on Dec. 2, it was been viewed 3.6 million times, shared more than 105,000 times and commented on over 40,000 times.

It was Stubenrauch’s “buddy” from Australia who shared the video with him.

Men fighting kangaroos used to be a sport.

In 1933, boxing heavyweight champion Primo Carnera fought Jo-Jo the kangaroo in Atlantic City, New Jersey, the Daily Mail notes. Thousands of people attended the fight.

A fight between British cruiser weight champion Jean Harvey and a kangaroo took place in 1930, and during that same decade, a man at Australia's Taronga Zoo laced up to fight a kangaroo.

Boxing kangaroos were a popular attraction at carnivals, theaters and exhibitions across Australia and the U.S. starting in the late 1800s.

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