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Juror Faints After Hearing Woman Died When A Shampoo Bottle Was Inserted Into Her Body

A U.K. juror fainted after hearing the “shocking” details of a murder trial, specifically that a woman had died of internal injuries after a shampoo bottle was shoved into her backside.

Last April, Majella Lynch was taken to the hospital after she was found at home by her caregivers complaining of severe abdominal pain. When prosecutor William Mousley began explaining the case, a standby juror fainted.

Mousley had explained that a full 400ml shampoo bottle had been shoved into Lynch’s abdominal cavity. Although it was removed, she died two days later. The presence of the bottle would have been extremely painful and it would have been impossible for Lynch to cause the injuries herself.

A spare juror called for assistance and the case was halted when the woman fainted. The woman was helped from the court but fainted against on the way out. Another juror then came to the woman’s assistance and reported that she was a nurse.

At the order of judge Justice Akenhead, the court was cleared so the woman could seek care. At the start of the case, Akenhead had warned jurors that the details of the case would be “distressing” to some.

“[Lynch] was at the very least reluctant to say what had caused this terrible pain, either denying that anything had happened to her or refusing to answer when asked the question,” Mousley explained. “But she did confirm to the nurses she saw in hospital she had been assaulted.”

Daniel McBride is currently on trial for Lynch’s murder, though he denies performing the act. McBridge, however, admitted to visiting Lynch at the time that her injuries had occurred.

“There was nobody else who could have been responsible for what the prosecution says was a perverted sexual assault,” Mousley claimed.

It was later described that Lynch had bruising and broken skin around her anus. The room in which she was discovered had blankets and sofa cushions stained with diarrhea and blood. A pair of underwear with blood stains on it was also discovered.

Lynch died following the removal of the shampoo bottle from cardiac arrest. 

Sources: Mirror, The Independent

Photo Credit: HLNTV


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