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'For You, The Enemy Of Islam': Jordan Military Prepare Missiles For Airstrikes Against ISIS

A video currently circulating Jordan's official state television channels depicts warplanes being prepared to drop bombs on ISIS targets in Syria.

The launch of the planes and the broadcasting of the video come as a response to the brutal killing of Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh.

ISIS released a video showing al-Kasasbeh’s murder — a 22 minute long segment capturing the pilot being burnt alive while locked in a cage on Tuesday.

The video fueled anger throughout the region, with military officials promising swift vengeance in honor of al-Kasasbeh.

Operation Martyr Moaz, named in honor of the fallen pilot, shows uniformed people writing messages on missiles as they get prepared for military use. One message written in Arabic reads, "For you, the enemy of Islam."

Jordanian military personnel made a statement presumably directed towards the Islamic State during the video.

In subtitles during the video, the Jordanian military wrote, “This is the beginning and you will get to know the Jordanian.” 

In addition to Operation Martyr Moaz, Jordan government officials executed two Iraqi ISIS militants, including Sajida al-Rishawai. ISIS wanted to exchange the freedom of the alleged suicide-bomber al-Rishawai with that of al-Kasasbeh before deciding to burn him alive.

Other people in the video allude to teachings in the Quran, the Islamic holy book, that show ISIS’s inhumane actions.

One pilot in the video holds up a sign reading the phrase, "And do not think that God is unaware of what the evildoers are doing."

The new campaign will attack targets in Iraq, said Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh. Before the new offensive, Judeh said Jordanian pilots only targeted ISIS-controlled areas in Syria as a part of the U.S.-led air strike coalition. 

“They're in Iraq and they are in Syria and therefore you have to target them wherever they are,” Judeh said.

Sources: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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