Jim Cramer of 'Mad Money': Trump Is Right On Trade


Market analyst Jim Cramer has pledged his allegiance to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s call to re-negotiate the U.S. trade deals. The “Mad Money” host is skeptical if the business mogul candidate would be able to deliver on his promises, though.

On Mar. 16, the television host told his viewers that it was time to investigate Trump’s economic proposals.

“Trump has real things to say,” Cramer said on his CNBC show. “They may not be what you think, and they often seem like wishful thinking. But you need to know his views, not just how he is doing coming around the far turn.”

Cramer voiced support for Trump’s stance of U.S. trade deals, stating that they have not been beneficial stretching back to Nafta in the 1990s. The analyst claimed that not a single politician could point to a trade deal given the country a surplus.

“Say what you want about Trump, I agree with him totally about these trade deals,” Cramer said according to to Real Clear Politics. “I’m with Trump on this.”

Trump has made shaking up U.S. trade one of the centerpieces of his presidential campaign.

“The American worker is being crushed,” Trump wrote in a USA Today op-ed. “One of the factors driving this economic devastation is America’s disastrous trade policies … Under decades of failed leadership, the United States has gone from being the globe’s manufacturing powerhouse — the envy of the world — through a rapid deindustrialization that has evaporated entire communities."

Cramer agrees. The television host stated that, in his view, Americans were not benefiting from trade deals that shipped jobs overseas in exchange for cheaper products.

“Look, we lose on every trade deal," Cramer said on CNBC's Squawk Box on March 17. "I always find it amusing to think people don’t seem to mind that we lose in these deals because we’re able to export a lot of premium products that are not made necessarily by people in our workforce."

The television host added that Trump had been consistent on slamming U.S. trade deals for years.

“People should understand this has been his view from day one,” Cramer continued. “It has always been pro-worker. Have people not been paying attention to what this man has been saying about the trade deals? He’s been right the whole way.”

Cramer was less enthusiastic about Trump’s proposed solutions to these problems. Analyzing a few of Trump’s ideas, Cramer concluded that the business mogul have to convince the entire District of Columbia establishment to reconsider trade if he were to make a difference, even as president.

“Nothing will change with a Trump presidency unless he updates 'The Art of the Deal' to prove he can buffalo everyone in the room, Democrats and Republicans alike, Cramer said. "These are legislative decisions, not presidential hand-waves,"

Sources: CNBC, Real Clear Politics, USA Today / Photo credit: Tulane Public Relations/Wikimedia Commons

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