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'They Are Abusing Our Hospitality': Jihadi John's Family Reportedly Received Government Benefits For 20 Years


According to the Daily Mail, ISIS executioner Jihadi John and his family cost British taxpayers up to £400,000 [$612,500] over the past 20 years.

After fleeing their home country of Kuwait and being granted asylum in Britain in 1996, Mohammed Emwazi and his family lived in various parts of London. They began receiving benefits from the government, and remarkably are still believed to be getting money from the country despite the belief that a majority of the family has since moved elsewhere. Emwazi’s father, Jasem, is believed to have returned to Kuwait – the very country he fled from after fearing for his life. Sources revealed that the family began traveling back and forth to Kuwait just five years after being granted asylum.

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The family allegedly lived in five different upscale houses over the years, costing the government a reported £450 [$688.32] per week. The Westminster City Council is still, according to Members of Parliament, paying rent on their £600,000 [$917,757] London residence.

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They are abusing our hospitality,” MP Phillip Holobone said. “The rules are quite clear. If there has been any abuse of the system here, money should be paid back. Mohammed Emwazi’s offences[sic] are worse than murder or terrorism. They are an assault on the British way of life.”

MP David Davies echoed Holobone’s sentiments.

“This is an absolute outrage and a disgrace," he said. "We should stop their housing benefit immediately. Mr Emwazi clearly doesn’t need asylum in this country."

The owner of an upscale Little Venice home that the Emwazi family lived in described them as “parasites.”

“They were parasites. He was the tenant from hell. The rent went up to £450 a week and it was paid from housing benefits. They didn’t pay one penny,” Sithy Hussain said. “They stayed for a few years and there were problems. They had to have another room because they had another child and they had the locks changed.”

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