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'Jihadi John' Apologizes To His Family For His Identity Being Revealed


Mohammed Emwazi, the barbaric ISIS executioner known as "Jihadi John," reportedly apologized to his family for the trouble that the revealing of his identity has caused. 

Emwazi, a 26-year-old computer science graduate who traveled to Syria from London, sent a message of apology to his family via a third party. Emwazi was allegedly sorry for the "problems and trouble the revelation of his identity has caused." According to reports, Emwazi did not express any remorse for the brutal killings of Western hostages that he has been responsible for. 

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Since news broke of Emwazi's true identity just 10 days ago, his family has been forced into hiding as a result of his horrific crimes. His father and oldest sister returned to their native Kuwait — the country they fled and sought asylum from — two years ago, but his mother and four other siblings were forced to abandon their home in London and live in a secret location under police protection. 

Just last week, Emwazi's father reportedly told co-workers that his son was a "dog," and that he hoped he would die.

Sources: New York Post, Daily Mail / Photo Credit:,


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