Jealous Wife Of ISIS Leader Inadvertently Helps Russian Special Forces Prevent Terrorist Attack


An ISIS terror attack was prevented by Russian Special Forces in the south of Russia after a bomb was uncovered in plastic barrels on the side of the road.

The attack was going to take place in the village of Kantyshevo in south-western Russia.

According to Russian security services, the bomb contained roughly 3.5 tonnes, or 7,716 pounds, of explosives.

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Members of the crew that stopped the terrorist attack said that all of the terrorists behind the planned attack have been killed. The crew named the terrorist leaders as Aslan Byutukaev and Beslan Mehauri of ISIS.

The crew members said that they have been following the two ISIS militants since discovering they joined in summer 2015. They were lead to their location unintentionally by one of Beslan’s wives, who reportedly became furious after learning that her husband had married another woman.

The angry wife of the terrorist leader went to find out what her husband was up to with the other woman. What she didn’t realize was that she led the security service insiders to the leaders and the location of their bomb.

A total of 70 separate plastic casks were discovered buried underground on the side of the road.

Russian special services were forced to detonate the casks in order to prevent the terrorist attack.

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Sources: Daily Mail, Mad World News

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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