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Jealous Man Chops Off Wife's Hands With An Axe

Jealous Man Chops Off Wife's Hands With An Axe  Promo Image

A Russian man is facing prison time after chopping his estranged wife's hands off in a jealous rage (Warning: The photo below is graphic).

Dmitry Grachyova, 26, admitted to crushing Margarita Grachyova's fingers before chopping her hands off with an axe, the Daily Mail reported. Dmitry, who is a trained psychologist, was reportedly upset after seeing text messages Margarita received from a co-worker she had been dating.

The attack came after Margarita demanded a divorce from Dmitry, who had previously threatened her with violence. The couple was not living together at the time.

"I filed for divorce," the woman said, according to the Daily Mail. "Then he saw my text exchange with a [male] colleague."

Dmitry reportedly drove Margarita to a forest after dropping off their two young children, aged 3 and 4, at nursery school. He had messaged his mother and sister before the drive, saying, "Please excuse me. I can't live like this any longer, when I am cheated." He also told coworkers, "You will soon hear about me."

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Dmitry crushed Margarita's hands with the handle of an axe, and then used it to sever both of her hands at the wrist, according to reports by police sources. He then drove her to a hospital and turned himself in to police.

When asked if he had any remorse for his actions, Dmitry said, "Yes I do."

"Stupid thing is a soft way to say it," Dmitry added.

Dmitry is currently in police custody and is facing up to 15 years in prison if convicted. Doctors were able to reattach one of Margarita's hands, but it remains unclear if she will be able to use it. Her other hand was too severely damaged to fix.

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"His jealousy was pathological," Sheikina, Margarita's mother, said. "He was sure she was unfaithful. Once he even took her to be tested by a lie detector."

Dmitry was also reportedly convinced that their younger child was not biologically his.

Police have reportedly received several calls about Dmitry in the past. He had previously driven Margarita to a forest in November and attacked her with a knife, demanding her to call off the divorce. He also threatened to pour acid over her face.

After that attack, Margarita and Sheikina demanded him to leave the house.

"All of us asked him to leave and he finally went to live with his mother," Sheikina said, according to the NZ Herald.

Dmitry then reportedly "promised to change his ways and wanted to get back together," according to another source.

"He helped her with the children, taking them to the kindergarten," the source said. "He stopped threatening everybody and asked forgiveness for what he had done."

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