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Japanese Man Purposefully Dumps Wife's Ashes Into Supermarket Toilet

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A Japanese man who loathed his wife reportedly attempted to flush her ashes down the toilet of a supermarket.

Authorities were a bit shocked when they discovered bone fragments inside the toilet bowl of a Tokyo store. However, the 68-year-old man soon turned himself in and admitted to dumping his late wife’s ashes into the toilet.

The woman, who shared an unhappy marriage with her husband, apparently died at age 64 just one month prior to the incident.

“I had hatred mounting against her,” the unnamed man reported. “Life was such a pain before she died.”

Prosecutors are currently attempting to decide whether the man should be charged with abandoning a body, one Tokyo police officer said, since ashes can only be scattered in certain approved places.

This isn't the strangest thing that a person has ever done with ashes. In 2011, TLC's My Strange Addiction featured a woman who couldn't stop eating her husband's ashes. In March of this year, a group of Missouri teenagers accidentally ingested ashes because they thought it was cocaine.

Sources: Daily Mail, Business Standard / Photo Credit: Flickr


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