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Woman Learns Secret, Chops Off Husband's Penis

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A jealous wife slashed her husband's penis when she found out he had been cheating on her with her best friend.

In the early morning hours of June 7 in the tourist town of Pattaya, Thailand, medics discovered a 47-year-old man sitting outside and screaming in pain with a bag of ice over his crotch, according to Pattaya One, which withheld the names of those involved to avoid their embarrassment.

The man's wife, referred to as Mrs. Aun, was there – sitting down and staring angrily at her husband as she explained that she had heard rumors of her husband being unfaithful. She asked around and eventually found out that her husband, who works as a chicken vendor, was allegedly having an affair with her friend.

At first, she flew into a rage, Pattaya One reported. But then she calmed down and decided to seduce her husband by arousing him and performing fellatio. But she didn't do it for long before grabbing a large knife and chopping off her husband's penis.

Mr. Aun screamed in agony as blood gushed.

Feeling a bit sorry because of the extreme pain her husband was enduring, she called for medical attention.

Mr. Aun was then taken to the hospital, where doctors hope to be able to reattach his penis, but there's no guarantee.

A scorned wife chopping off her husband's penis is not so rare in Thailand. In fact, every 10 years or so, the medical profession reviews the myriad penile amputation cases that have occurred in Thailand, according to the Guardian. And in 1983, the American Journal of Surgery did a full-blown study on what it referred to as an “epidemic” of mutilated penises.

According to the study:

It became fashionable in the decade after 1970 for the humiliated Thai wife to wait until her [philandering] husband fell asleep so that she could quickly sever his penis with a kitchen knife. A traditional Thai home is elevated on pilings and the windows are open to allow for ventilation. The area under the house is the home of the family pigs, chickens, and ducks. Thus, it is quite usual that an amputated penis is tossed out of an open window, where it may be captured by a duck.

The report further explains: "The Thai saying, 'I better get home or the ducks will have something to eat,' is therefore a common joke and immediately understood at all levels of society".

Sources: Pattaya One, Guardian / Photo credit: Pattaya One

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