McDonald's Employee Helps Disabled Customer Eat

A photo of a McDonald’s employee in the town of Chaozhou in Taiwan helping a disabled customer eat has gone viral, garnering nearly 30,000 reactions on Facebook in just two days.

Li Ting uploaded the photo on March 9. According to Shanghaiist, Ting's photo caption reads:

There are few people like him in today's society. 

I had a snack at a McDonald's with my friends the other evening. I was really moved after seeing this. The worker didn't discriminate against the disabled, but instead, he fed him the burger with love and patience. Thank you for your compassion. You gave him a full meal and he can continue to live his life. His boss should give him a raise!

A McDonald’s spokeswoman confirmed that the employee’s last name is He, and that he's a 19-year-old student at Meiho University, according to the Daily Mail. The incident occurred on the evening of March 2, and it’s unclear why the photo was uploaded a week later.

He told reporters that he decided to intervene when he noticed the customer was struggling to eat, Shanghaiist notes. He was praised by commenters on Facebook for his kindness. 

“A young man with a bright future, I salute you,” Li Hong Ren wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

“I'm so moved, he is so compassionate,” You Hua Shuo wrote. 

Other Facebook users suggested that He should receive a pay raise, and the company has said that he would be rewarded for his good deeds, although it’s unclear if that includes a pay bump.

The image has been shared more than 800 times in two days.

Sources: Shanghaiist, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Li Ting/Facebook

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