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Pedophile Does Something Sick To 14-Year-Old Victims


A pedophile was sentenced to four years and three months in prison for sexually assaulting teen girls with acts that included tattooing and piercing their private parts.

David Renwick, a 57-year-old Coatbridge, Scotland, tattoo artist, was convicted of 20 charges relating to the sexual assault of young girls over a two-year period, reports the Mirror.

“You were found guilty of sex [offenses] against young girls using your unlicensed self-styled position as a tattooist, the purpose of which was for your own sexual gratification,” Sheriff Petra Collins said during sentencing on Jan. 26.

“You exposed yourself to three of those girls, sexually abused six of them and took and kept photographs of four of them. These charges are so serious that I can only impose a custodial sentence. To ensure that teenage girls are protected from you, you will be on [license] for two years upon your eventual release. You will go to prison for four years and three months.”

Renwick reportedly messaged a 16-year-old girl on Facebook between April 2012 and December 2013, asking her to let him tattoo her on her private parts. He exposed himself to the same girl as well as a female friend at his home, the Mirror reports.

Renwick also sexually assaulted another female while tattooing her and making explicit comments towards her. In addition, he sent Facebook message to four other girls asking to tattoo them on their private parts and took photographs of several victims while they were in his home.

The man denied the charges, though his defense counsel said he accepted the verdict. His denial of the crimes meant the victims and their families had to testify against him and recount their experiences in court. 

In a similar case in mid-2015, a Coatbridge father of six, Arthur Renwick was found guilty of raping three young girls -- one of them 9 years old, reported Daily Record.

Sources: Mirror, Daily Record / Photo credit: Mirror

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