Woman Catches Husband Cheating With Daughter-In-Law (Video)


Video footage (below) showing a woman attacking her husband after catching him cheating with their daughter-in-law has gone viral.

The video was reportedly shot in China and uploaded to a number of Chinese media websites, where it quickly racked up millions of views, according to the Daily Mail.

In it, an irate woman can be seen verbally and physically assaulting a middle-aged man and a younger woman. The two are believed to be her husband and her daughter-in-law, respectively.

Several people attempt to restrain the woman and shield her targets throughout the video.

"She is your daughter-in-law," the woman reportedly yells at one point. "How could you do that to her?"

She also repeatedly accused her husband of being "shameless," according to the Daily Mail.

The incident takes place in a parking lot, where the woman and her son reportedly arrived to catch the man in the act. When they discovered the identity of his mistress, the woman lost her temper and became violent.

The son, who is presumably married to his father's mistress, remains composed for the majority of the video.

"Leave!" he yells to his father at one point, before hitting him in the back.

At the video's end, the daughter-in-law falls to the ground, crying out in agony.

Sources: Daily Mail, FunnyOwl/YouTube / Photo credit: FunnyOwl/YouTube

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