'It Was Disgusting': Woman Carves Into 'Fresh' Chicken, Finds Green Meat Inside (Photos)

A British woman was disgusted when she carved into a roast chicken from Morrisons supermarket to find the meat inside was green.

Jenni Milburn, 28, was making lunch for her family when she noticed something was wrong.

“We could not believe it when we saw the green meat,” Milburn told the Daily Mail. “We had never seen anything like it. It was disgusting.”

Milburn had purchased the chicken on April 11 from the supermarket’s store in Wakefield, Yorkshire and cooked it the following day. She contacted Morrisons customer services and put the green chicken in her fridge in case the company wanted it for testing.

The green meat was put down to mold and the company apologized to Milburn. Morrisons said it believed a hole in the packaging may have allowed air to get to the meat, causing the mold to grow.

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Milburn was offered a $25 gift card, but she was not happy with the way the supermarket has handled the investigation.

“The letter I initially received from the store was quite generic and didn't explain what had caused the issue,” Milburn explained. “It was only when I pushed them that they sent me a possible explanation."

She continued, "I just don't think they took it very seriously or were interested in investigating it. I had bought the chicken the day before and had taken it straight home and put it in the fridge."

Milburn claims she saw no holes in the packaging. She said the chicken looked and smelled normal.

“It was only when I brought it to the table and started slicing the meat that I noticed something wasn't right.I had a closer look and it was then that I noticed the meat was green. It made everybody feel quite sick just looked (sic) at it, it was disgusting,” she said.

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Milburn said she took the chicken off the table and served her family vegetables instead.

“It may not have killed us to eat the surrounding meat that wasn't green, but we weren't taking any chances,” she said.

A Morrisons representative issued the following statement:“Incidents such as this are very rare. It appears that damage to the packaging has allowed air in which has caused the mold growth. We have apologized to the customer and offered her a gesture of goodwill.”

Sources: Daily Mail, Time Pulse

Photo Credit: Via Daily Mail


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