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3-Year-Old Girl Sole Witness To Gang Rape, Murder

A 3-year-old Indian girl is reportedly the sole witness to the brutal rape of her mother and death of her infant brother.

On March 7, a 28-year-old mother fell victim to a horrific gang rape by two men, one of whom was her bus driver, Times of India reports. The woman was attacked on the way home from a family trip, during which she visited her sister. She was attacked at a bus station in Shishgarh, Utter Pradesh, in Northern India, on her way to Bareilly.

The bus driver allegedly promised to drop her off at her destination, as he lives in a neighboring town. However, after the other passengers left the bus, the driver and another man attacked and raped the woman. When she fought back, the men forced alcohol into her mouth and threw her 14-day-old son. The infant died on the spot.

The woman’s 3-year-old daughter hid behind a seat and was reportedly the only witness to the gruesome assault. As the men carried the unconscious mother out of the bus and placed her on the side of the road, her daughter managed to sneak out of the vehicle, unbeknownst to the attackers. Several hours later, the woman’s husband and some local residents came looking for the family and found the unconscious woman, deceased infant and young girl waiting by the bus stop.

The young girl relayed what happened first to her father and then to police. Police arrested two suspects in the case and booked them on charges of gang rape and homicide.

The mother's current condition has not yet been reported.

"The incident is ghastlier than Delhi's Nirbhaya case, given the fact that the accused killed the victim's 14-day-old infant,” Madhu Garg, state head of All India Democratic Women's Association, said, according to Times of India. “Even then, murder charges have not been pressed against the two. We will hold protests if the two are not booked for the murder of the infant."

On Dec. 16, 2012, a woman, who had been given the name “Nirbhaya” by the media, and a friend boarded a bus on their way from a movie theater in south Delhi. Six men attacked them and left them for dead on the side of the road, CNN reported.

The death of Nirbhaya, who was found with her intestines pulled outside of her body, affected India for years afterward. She died 13 days after the attack, and most of her attackers were given the death penalty. 

Sources: Times of India, CNN / Photo Credit: Times of India via The Daily Mail, Nilroy/Wikimedia Commons

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