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'It Really Freaked Me Out': British Man Says He Found Foam Ear Plug And Scab In Order Of McDonald's Fries

A British man says he was served up a little than he expected, or wanted, at a McDonald’s in Cambridge, England.

Stephen Powell, 21, claims he was munching away happily on some McDonald’s french fries when he bit into a foam ear plug with a scab attached to it, reports Metro. 

Powell called the find “the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my life.”

He said he and his friends had stopped by the fast food restaurant for a late night snack, but had taken their meals to go. He was sitting in the back of a friend’s car when he bit into something that seemed much chewier than a french fry, he said, reports Yahoo News. 

“It really freaked me out, so as soon as I realized it wasn’t right, I spat it out but it had been in my mouth a good few seconds,” Powell said. 

“I got my friends to pull the car over and turn on the interior light so I could see what it was,” he added. “I was almost sick. I couldn’t believe it. My friends were laughing at first and we were all just a bit in shock. But when we saw that it had a small scab of blood on it, we got quite annoyed that this could have happened.”

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He snapped a picture of the foam ear plug and says he then threw it away.

Powell said he was most upset by the health and safety implications. 

“A child could have choked on it,” he said. “The blood could be infected. It could pass on hepatitis or HIV. It just doesn’t bear thinking about.”

A McDonald’s representative said food safety and quality are a “top priority” at the chain and that “all restaurants follow rigorous standards in order to avoid imperfections.”

“We are disappointed to hear of Mr. Powell’s experience when visiting our restaurant,” the representative said, reports Metro. “We do not use ear plugs in our restaurants, however, we can neither confirm or deny that this object originated from our restaurant as it was discarded by the customer, making a thorough investigation impossible.”

Powell’s claim is the most recent in a spate of alleged fast food horror stories in which people have snapped pictures of disgusting items said to be found in the food. 

In June, a British man took to social media and spoke with the Daily Mail about a moldy burger he claimed to have been served at a London McDonald’s.

Edward Porter said the fast food chain was “patronizing” him by offering him about $45 worth of coupons as compensation for the inconvenience. 

And earlier in June, a California man’s pictures went viral after he posted photos of what appeared to be a deep-fried rat that he said he was served at a KFC. 

Subsequent tests on the photographed food showed it to be an oddly shaped chicken tender and the matter was widely dismissed as a hoax. KFC asked the man to “apologize and cease making false claims,” reports Fox News.

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Photo Credit: Yahoo News, Metro


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