Islamist Rebel Fighter Killed By Syrian Shell While On Camera (Video)


A shocking video (below) surfaced of an Islamist fighter and a cameraman being killed by a Syrian artillery shell.

In the video, the bearded fighter can be heard talking to the camera about capturing Tal Sukayk, reports the Daily Mail. “Thank God, it turned out to be easier than we thought despite the fact that this position was very important,” the fighter says, looking around as he speaks on camera. 

Shortly after his speech begins, a Syrian artillery shell crashes onto the fighter and his cameraman. Both can be heard screaming just before the clip ends.

The man was believed to have been a member of the Islamist group Ajnad al-Sham, an al-Qaida affiliate. 

Watch the horrific crash below.

WARNING: Video contains disturbing images and content.

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail 

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