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Islamic State Releases New Execution Video From Afghanistan

A new execution video purportedly filmed in Afghanistan has been released by Islamic State militants.

The video shows the execution of ten men accused by ISIS of apostasy and of supporting the Taliban.

ISIS has produced several execution videos previously, including one in June showing how they drowned their victims in cages. The Blaze reported that they even placed cameras on the cages to capture the last moments of their victims’ lives.

In the latest video, the fighters appear dressed in black. They are shown planting improvised explosive devices (IEDs) under the ground before the ten men are brought to the site and ordered to kneel down directly above the concealed devices.

The prisoners are blindfolded, before the ISIS fighters make a quick getaway and detonate the explosives.

According to Daily Mail, all of the ISIS fighters carry machine Guns, and only one wears a balaclava to conceal his identity.

The moment showing the detonation of the explosives is rewound and replayed against the background of drums beating, The Blaze reported.

The video is just the latest example of the conflict between the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan. The announcement of the death of Taliban leader Mullah Omar has strengthened ISIS against its rival, the Wall Street Journal reported.

A growing number of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan and Pakistan have begun pledging allegiance to ISIS, and Omar’s death could intensify divisions among the Taliban’s various factions.

The shift to ISIS is particularly true among younger Taliban fighters, according to Emma Winterbotham, a researcher at the Royal United Services Institute think tank.

“Former commanders realize that ISIS is the new thing on the block and it is a very strategic decision in terms of generating funding,” Winterbotham said, reported.

Meanwhile, US Army General John Campbell, the US commander in Afghanistan, said he hoped the death of Omar would help reach a conclusion in peace talks.

ISIS publicly declared its presence in Afghanistan in January, and has recently been battling Taliban forces in Nangarhar province, where the latest video was supposedly filmed.

Sources: Wall Street Journal, The Blaze, Daily Mail, Photo credit: The Blaze


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