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Islamic State Beheads Kurdish Fighter In Shocking Execution After Losing Key Syrian Town

The Islamic State (IS) has released screenshots from a disturbing Jihadi John-style execution video hours after a massive defeat in Tal Abyad, Syria, against Kurdish-led forces last week.

Stills from the video show a masked militant brandishing a knife near the captive, who can be seen wearing an orange jumpsuit with his hands tied behind his back.

According to the Daily Mail, the IS fighter looks like the British militant known as Jihadi John.

The pictures, which carry the distinctive yellow logo of the group’s propaganda wing, show the victim being forced face down into the dirt before his head is yanked back and sliced off. His head is then seen on the back of his corpse in the last image.

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(via the Daily Mail)

The prisoner has been identified via social media as Abdullah Baseer Anis, a member of the rebel group Jaysh Al-Islam, also known as Army of Islam, which has been fighting alongside the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) against the Islamic State.

“Til Abyad: hundred of ISIS gangs have surrendered to YPG fighters,” Ronahi TV reporter, Delvin Azem, tweeted.

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(via Daily Mirror)

However, another Kurd website reports that some IS fighters turned themselves in to Turkish armed forces.

Neither claim could be independently verified, according to the Daily Mirror.

The taking of Tal Abyad means Syrian Kurds now control about 250 miles of the Syrian-Turkish border that has been a key supply route for fighters joining IS.

Although the victory has brought the YPG further into IS capital of Raqqa province, Turkey is now worried the expansion of Kurdish control risks a rise of separatist agitation among its minority.

Sources: Daily MailDaily Mirror


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