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Islamic State Group World Domination Map Revealed

Islamic State group wants more than just war against the Western world, it seeks world domination — by 2020.

The new book "Empire of Fear: Inside the Islamic State," written by BBC reporter Andrew Hosken, reveals an eerie map of the Islamic State’s plan to take over parts of the world within five years, reports the Mirror.

According to the map, the extremist group’s caliphate would cover parts of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, stretching all the way to China in the east.

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Hosken explained to the Daily Record, "They want to take over all of what they see as the Islamic world. Once they have their caliphate, they plan to turn against the rest of the world. They envisage the whole world being under their rule.” 

The book discusses how in 1996, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of the terrorist group that eventually became Islamic State group, outlined a seven-step program culminating in a victory by 2020. The plan includes provoking the U.S. into war against the Islamic Middle East sometime between 2000 and 2003, as well as uprisings against Arab leaders between 2010 and 2013.

“People should realize Islamic State don't want to create their caliphate and be left in peace,” Hosken added, the Mirror reports. “They see us being under their rule too and having to abide by their ideology.”

The reporter does not necessarily advise invading the Islamic State.

"Islamic State want to be seen to be fighting the West. They think a lot of Muslims around the world would then see that as Muslims under attack and would join Islamic State,” Hosken told the Daily Record, reports the Mirror.

The U.S. recently felt the threat of Islamic State group a little closer to home. Federal officials have charged a former New Jersey resident with conspiring to give aid to Islamic State group, reports NBC News.

The Nader Saadeh, 20, reportedly sent messages expressing his hatred of the U.S., posted images of himself with the Islamic State flag on Facebook and expressed support for the Islamic State-related attacks in Paris.

Saadeh reportedly tried to leave the country in May to join the group, but was detained upon his arrival in Jordan. Returning sometime to the U.S., Saadeh found himself under arrest on Aug. 10, according to NBC News.

Sources: Mirror, NBC News / Photo credit: Via Mirror


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