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ISIS Video Shows Gay Men Thrown From Roof, Stoned To Death

ISIS has released a horrific new video that shows two allegedly gay men being thrown from a building rooftop to their deaths before a mob that included children stones them.

The six-minute video, shot in the town of Homs, Syria, begins with the reading of a proclamation by an ISIS member surrounded by a large crowd.

The two blindfolded men are then led into a building, taken to the roof, and thrown to their deaths, Mirror reports.

The men may be seen being held on the edge of the roof before they are thrown over.

The crowd then throws stones at the men’s bloodied and twisted bodies. Rocks covered in blood may be seen lying on the ground next to them.

The men’s bodies are then washed, as is custom in the Muslim religion, before they are wrapped in a white shroud.

The white shrouds become covered in blood as the men’s bodies are carried to a shallow grave and dumped together.

Rooftop killings are ISIS’s preferred method of murder for men suspected of being gay, a crime they believe to be punishable by death, The Daily Mail reports. Religion is used as justification for the murders.

Sources: The Daily Mail, Mirror / Photo credit: Mirror


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