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Islamic State Group Reportedly Uses 11-Year-Old Sex Slave As Human Shield

Yet another brutal account surfaces from within the Islamic State: A militant within the extremist group allegedly strapped an 11-year-old sex slave to the hood of his Humvee while driving into war zones, reports the Daily Mail.

The Islamic State militant used the sex slave, a Yazidi child, as a human shield to protect himself as he drove into enemy fire, reports Daily Mail. While the girl somehow lived through the incident, lawyer Khaleel al-Dakhi, who runs a group that rescues Yazidis from Islamic State group, told The Sun the girl remains in captivity.

“He rapes her. She told me herself over the phone,” the lawyer explained to the newspaper. Al-Dakhi’s rescue group uses a network of informers within the terrorist group to make contact with captured girls, according to the Daily Mail.

While many suffer under the Islamic State regime, the Yazidis in particular have been cruelly treated. The Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne, England, even compared the treatment of Yazidis by Islamic State group to the that of the Jews during the Holocaust.

“It's a re-run of the stories I heard growing up as a post World War II child. This is Hitler and Stalin all wrapped up together,” Nicholson, who sits on the House of Lords, said.

In that same vein, the terror group also reportedly recently killed more than 300 civil servants in Mosul, Iraq. Islamic State group charged them with being “apostates and infidels” and carried out the "sentence" of death by firing squad. They all reportedly worked for the Iraqi Electoral Commission, which has since called for groups and countries across the globe to help “stop the slaughter and crimes against the Iraqi people,” according to the Daily Mail.

Iraqi officials detailed that the Islamic State has executed more than 2,000 people in Mosul since the group captured the city in June 2014. Recent reports reveal that the group executed 19 abducted women in June 2014 after they refused to have sex with the group’s fighters, the Daily Mail reports.

Sources: Daily Mail(2) / Photo credit: Via Daily Mail


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