ISIS Makes 12-Year-Old Girl Execute Women


ISIS terrorists reportedly made a 12-year-old girl execute five women in northern Iraq.

The incident occurred March 2 in the province of Nineveh, according to Daily Mail.

“This evening, a 12-year-old girl belonging to the so-called ISIS executed five women, including a doctor who refused to medicate ISIS members that were wounded in a coalition bombardment, by firing squad,” a source said, according to the Daily Mail.

Videos have previously appeared showing young boys executing ISIS prisoners.

“This execution is considered to be the first of its kind to be implemented by a small girl within ISIS,” the source added.

ISIS has frequently publicized videos of its youth brigades undergoing military training. Recruits are referred to as the “cubs of the caliphate” by the extremist group. When they die in battle, they are often portrayed as “martyrs” in videos.

In February, one such video claimed to show an 11-year-old boy carrying out a suicide mission by blowing himself up in a truck full of explosives. The boy, identified as Abu Imara al Omri, was shown kissing his father’s hand as a blessing before driving off in the vehicle.

The latest executions were made public the same day as the U.S. military confirmed it had captured a leading ISIS member in Iraq, according to  The Guardian.

The Pentagon recently deployed a new expeditionary targeting force to the country and the capture of the militant in February is believed to be the first time a top-level ISIS member has been taken prisoner alive in Iraq.

The New York Times reported the ISIS leader was being held at a base in Irbil, Iraq, but officials were not authorized to speak to the public on the case and provided no further details.

U.S. Secretary of State Ashton Carter said Feb. 29 that the new force would be used “to conduct raids of various kinds, seizing places and people, freeing hostages and prisoners of [ISIS], and making it such that [ISIS] has to fear that anywhere, anytime, it may be struck,” The Guardian reported.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Guardian / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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