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Video Shows Syrian Missile Kill ISIS Sniper (Video)

A video has appeared online showing a missile strike in Syria against an ISIS sniper (video below).

The lone gunman was spotted hiding in a ruined building in an unnamed Syrian city, according to Daily Mail.

The recording shows a missile being fired, which then explodes into a fireball when it strikes the target. The gunman is blown to pieces.

The strike is believed to have occurred in late April, but no confirmation of who fired it has been provided.

While it appears as though only the ISIS fighter was killed in this strike, this has not been the result of other missile strikes during the country’s civil war. A large number of Syrian government missile strikes have taken place in Aleppo, causing civilian casualties.

“We have had massacres on a daily basis for six or seven days,” Brita Haji Hasan, president of the Aleppo City Council, told The Guardian.

“They are destroying schools and civilian targets using barrel bombs, airstrikes and machine guns. Another colleague of mine was killed yesterday while I spoke to him on Skype,” Hasan added.

Since April, the Syrian government has launched at least 260 airstrikes against rebel-held areas, reports The Guardian.

At the same time, extremist opposition groups have also inflicted civilian casualties. An attack by the Nusra Front on a government-controlled hospital in Aleppo killed at least 10 people on May 3, Sputnik International reported.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights estimates that since April 22, missile strikes by both sides have killed 250 civilians in Aleppo. The sustained violence has led to a collapse in the city’s population, from around 2 million in 2013 to 400,000 now, according to The Guardian.

In April, U.S. authorities confirmed that 41 civilians had been killed in Iraq and Syria during American airstrikes on what it termed “legitimate targets,” according to the Independent.

Central Command spokesman Col. Patrick Ryder said civilian casualties were “deeply regrettable,” but went on to describe the bombings as “the most precise air campaign in the history of warfare.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Guardian, Independent, Sputnik International / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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