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ISIS Reportedly Tells Children To Murder Parents

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ISIS is reportedly instructing child suicide bombers to kill their own parents. The disturbing report comes from a CNN interview with "Nasir," a 12-year-old boy who recently escaped from the terrorist group.

Children as young as 5 years old have been recruited by ISIS and used as suicide bombers, reports

Nasir is now in the safety of a refugee camp in Kurdistan, Iraq, along with his mother, reports CNN. 

“There were 60 of us. The scariest times for us were when the airstrikes happened. They’d lead all of us underground in the tunnels to hide.   They told us the Americans, the unbelievers, were trying to kill us, but they, the fighters, loved us,” Nasir told CNN of his experiences living under ISIS.

The terrorist organization also forced Nasir and other child fighters to appear in propaganda videos. 

ISIS reportedly attempted to brainwash its child soldiers to prevent loyalty to their families.

“When they were training us they would tell us our parents were unbelievers and that our first job was to go back and kill them,” said Nasir in an interview. 

Aziz Abdullah Hadur, a commander of Kurdish fighters combating ISIS, frequently comes into contact with ISIS child soldiers on the battlefield. 

“Many times when we are facing ISIS, we see the children at the front line and they are wearing explosive vests. They are brainwashed,” Hadur told CNN.

“When they make it through the lines they kill our fighters. It’s an unbelievably hard decision. You don’t know what to do because if you don’t kill them they’ll kill you.”

As ISIS wreaks havoc in Iraq and Syria, it is increasingly unclear if the organization is responsible for the attacks it claims as its own. Many groups, including Nasir’s captors, may have no direct connection to the ISIS leadership. 

“What you have here are disillusioned, alienated militants who have been fighting with a different organization, who are interested in identifying themselves with a more dynamic cause. And they see ISIS as a very dynamic cause,” commented Michael Kugelman of the Woodrow Wilson Center to

Sources:, CNN / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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