ISIS Reportedly Kills 21 Kurdish Fighters


A new propaganda video released by ISIS on Saturday shows 21 captured peshmerga fighters being held captive in cages. The video is called Healing the Chest of Those who Believe and is about 9 minutes in length, as reported by IB Times. Arabic subtitles, which provide information on each of the hostages, appear throughout the video.

From the information in the video, it is believed that most of the captured fighters are in their early 20s, as reported by Buzzfeed.

Speaking in Kurdish, an ISIS militant warns: "We say to the Peshmerga: Leave your jobs, or your fate will be like these, either the cage, or under the ground.”

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The footage shows the men in cages being paraded around town in the back of cars. The video concludes with the announcement that the men have been beheaded. However, this information has not been verified since the actual beheadings are not shown in the footage.

This most recent propaganda video is eerily similar to a video released by ISIS last month, which shows a captured Jordanian pilot being burned to death.

Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, 26, was taken captive by ISIS when his F-16 crashed in Syria in December, according to CBS News.  In January, a video released by ISIS shows al-Kaseasbeh inside a cage, then set on fire and left to burn to death. The gruesome brutality of his death sparked an international outrage with almost all world leaders condemning the attack.

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“The blood of our hero martyr, Moaz Kaseasbeh, will not go for nothing,” said a spokesman for the Jordanian military, the NY Times reports. “And the revenge will be equal to what happened to Jordan.”

Soon after al-Kaseasbeh’s death, Jordan retaliated by executing two al-Qaeda prisoners, Sajida al-Rishawi, who was being held for her role in a suicide bombing, and Ziad Karbouli, for his involvement in acts of terrorism, according to CNN.

Sources: IB Times, Buzzfeed, CBS News, NY Times, CNN

Photo: Wikimedia


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