ISIS Releases Video Showing Final Moments Of Russian Plane Before Crash (Photos)


Disturbing footage released by ISIS shows the final moments of the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt and killed 224 people.

Reports say the terrorist group was quick to take responsibility for the horrific crash, despite Russian officials initially believing the crash to be due to technical issues.

According to Terror Monitor, an online terrorist monitoring group, ISIS stated the attack was “in response to Russian airstrikes that killed hundreds of Muslims on Syrian land,” Express reported.

The video footage released by ISIS appeared to show the Airbus A321 jet falling through the air, before exploding and engulfing into flames.

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“This aircraft was 200km north of its take-off zone, that means it was flying at around 31,000 feet,” Royal United Services Institute Director General Michael Clarke told BBC Radio, according to Daily Mail. "Terrorists, as far as we know, don’t have equipment to take down an aircraft at that height.

“They have shoulder-launched missiles, known as man-portable missiles," he added. "They can get aircraft when they are taking off or landing, when they are going low and slow. But anything above 8,000 or 9,000 feet is out of the range of the weapons that they’ve got.

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"Early reports said it split into two and that suggests a catastrophic failure, not a mechanical failure, but perhaps an explosion on board, so I would be much more inclined to think, if we have to guess at this stage, it is much more likely to have been a bomb on board than a missile fired from the ground.”

The video came following reports that the co-pilot on board the flight previously complained to his family about the plane’s condition prior to takeoff, reported Express.

Despite ISIS taking responsibility for the crash, both Cairo and Moscow have denied any link to terrorism. 

Sources: Daily Mail, Express / Photo credit:


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