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ISIS Releases New Recruitment Video In Sign Language

A new video from Islamic State, also known as ISIS, features two disabled siblings using sign language to recruit deaf and mute fighters. 

In the video, entitled "From Who Excused To Those Not Excused," the two heavily armed fighters claim to be traffic officers who work with Islamic State. One man introduces his brother as Abu Abdur-Rahman.

The six-minute clip was released on March 8 and includes Arabic and English subtitles. Addressing European Muslims, the first speaker says, “The way is open for you to come to the land of the Khilafah, and the Islamic State is expanding.” 

Alex Kassirer, a researcher at global security firm Flashpoint Intelligence, told NBC that the video "represents an attempt by the group to recruit other physically or otherwise impaired individuals, as well as demonstrates the multifaceted responsibilities of those in its ranks.” He added the video shows "even traffic police in the Islamic State have a dual functionality, also serving in military roles.”

Newsweek reported the brothers warn that all those who oppose ISIS will be killed.

Though the location of the video is not named, one of the men mentions the onslaught of Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who are attempting to liberate the city of Mosul, Iraq, suggesting the video was shot there.

Sources: NBC, Newsweek / Image via Newsweek


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