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ISIS Releases Disturbing Video Where They Chop An Accused Thief's Hand Off In Public

A new video has surfaced of Islamic State militants chopping an alleged thief’s hand off as crowds of children and adults watch.

The incident is believed to have occurred near Iraq’s Tigris River and carried out by Wilayat Diglah, the ISIS branch that oversees that area, Daily Mail reports.

In the video (below), children and adults gather as a man reads out the charges against the thief. The thief is shown bowing his head in fear while his hand is strapped to what appears to be an industrial guillotine.

The footage cuts to the aftermath, as militants wrap the man’s wrist in bandages while his severed hand lays on the table.

The new video comes just a few weeks after ISIS released disturbing images of other accused thieves suffering a similar punishment.

The Daily Mail reports that the previous incidents took place in the ISIS stronghold of Mosul and were led by an elderly man named Abu Ansar al-Ansari. Photographs showed how masked militants pumped their victims full of drugs before using a meat cleaver to chop off their hands.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Mail Online


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