ISIS Puts Seven Members In Boiling Water


Militant group ISIS reportedly executed seven of its members who had fled a battlefield in Iraq by boiling them in hot water on July 4.

The group reportedly had the seven individuals' hands and feet bound tightly to make sure there was no chance of escape, the American Herald Tribune reports.

In mid-June, the group conducted a similarly gruesome execution of 19 soldiers who fled battles against Iraqi security forces in Fallujah, according to a local source.

"The ISIS terrorists executed 19 of its elements who fled from the latest battles against the security forces in the neighborhoods of al-Shuhada and al-Nassaf in Central Fallujah," the source said. "This came after the issuance of  death sentence against them by [ISIS] court."

ISIS has used boiling water for torture and maiming in other contexts as well. A 17-year-old Yazidi teenager who was sold into slavery by ISIS and remained a captive for nine months revealed to the Daily Mail last year how she would be frequently scalded on the thigh by her captor if she refused to follow his sexual demands.

Sources: American Herald Tribune, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Wikipedia via Mission Network News

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