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ISIS Publicly Executes Three Men (Photos)

The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is notorious for brutally enforcing the fundamentalist tenets of Sharia law. 

New photos show exactly how violent the terrorist group is willing to be; three men were recently publicly executed with a rusty blade, theDaily Mail reported.

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The execution most likely took place in Northern Iraq. Two of the men were accused of homosexuality, and the third man was accused of blasphemy. No other information was provided.

The crowd cheered as the men were slain.

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Homosexuality is outlawed under ISIS’s rule, and this public execution was not the first of its kind. Last month, a blindfolded man in his 20s who was accused of "being gay" was thrown off a rooftop in the Raqqa province of Syria, theInternational Business Times reported. He was then stoned to death by a crowd of onlookers.

The London-based Syrian Observatory of Human Rights said that a second man was killed "for the same charge and by the same way" in Raqqa the next day.

Images of these executions have been circulating online. ISIS regularly publishes photos of the executions they carry out.

Sources: Daily Mail, International Business Times / Image via Daily Mail


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