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ISIS Propaganda Threatens 'Coalition Of Devils', Taunts U.S. (Video)

Hunkered down in shelters while western warplanes pound their positions, ISIS fighters released a slickly-produced propaganda video Nov. 25, filled with fiery rhetoric and threats to destroy the "coalition of devils" that oppose the terrorist group (video below).

While one of the Islamic State's consistent themes has been a rejection of Western influence, the most recent propaganda video apes Hollywood movie trailers, using modern production techniques to create heroic-looking images of ISIS fighters while a voice-over taunts the U.S. and its allies.

The voice-over rages against "liars, fornicators (and) corporations," and brags that the Islamic State's territory is now larger than Britain and eight times the size of Belgium.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported leaders of the Syria-based terrorist group were fleeing its "capital" of Raqqa to take refuge in Mosul, Iraq, as coalition bombers execute hundreds of sorties.

The Nov. 25 propaganda video follows a Nov. 18 video threat specifically naming New York City landmarks as terrorist targets, Today News reported.

John Miller, a deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism for the NYPD, said that ISIS is addressing two audiences with the videos.

"Their main bread-and-butter has been recruiting people online," Miller told Today. "The videos are part of the cheerleading section of that. That's for one audience. The flipside of that audience is fear is the grist of the terrorist mill and the videos are meant to inspire that."

Source: Daily Mail, / Video source: Youtube / Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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