ISIS Prisoner Forced To Dig His Own Grave In Shocking New Video

A video showing an Islamic State (ISIS) prisoner digging his own grave prior to being executed was released by the terror group and has now been widely shared over the Internet. The victim, who later gives his name as Ziad Abdel’al Abu Tarek, was killed with a shot to the back of the head after being accused of operating as a spy in Sinai.

Dressed in an orange jumpsuit, the bearded man is shown in the video using a pickaxe and shovel to dig a hole in the desert that is allegedly meant to be his grave. 

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The professionally edited footage was shot in Sinai province, according to the Daily Mail. Since it's release, the footage has been shared on social media by ISIS supporters who claim the man had been working as a spy for the Israeli intelligence agency, Mossad.

The video also shows the man, accused of reporting information on ISIS’ activities back to the Israeli government, "admitting" to his offenses and giving his name, One India reports. The prisoner then tells the camera he is from Al-Qaryatayn, a town in central Syria, before concluding, “I killed Abu Hassan and the Islamic State came and captured me."

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The prisoner is also seen in the video speaking on the telephone in Arabic while a masked and armed ISIS terrorist sits beside him. The video then shows the victim standing in the grave he had been forced to dig in the desert while an ISIS member watches.

Continuing in slow motion, the victim is seen mumbling to himself on his knees while the masked militant stands behind him. After showing the fatal shot to the back of his head, the video concludes with the scene of the killer covering the victim’s body in the grave.

The terror group has recently taken to Twitter claiming responsibility for an attack on a Sinai airport. The claims, however, have yet to be confirmed.

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Sources: Daily Mail, One India

Photo Credit: Daily Mail


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