ISIS Performs Brutal Punishment In Front Of Large Crowd (Photos)

Brutal images of ISIS chopping a man’s hand off have surfaced online. The horrific punishment took place outside in front of a large crowd of onlookers including many male children.

The man was reportedly accused of stealing a motorbike. He was convicted after his trial in an Islamic State Court, the Daily Mail reports.

Two masked men are shown setting up the amputation table. They open a silver suitcase and remove their tools. A meat cleaver and chopping block are seen next to the suitcase. There appears to be two water bottles filled with some kind of sterilization liquid also sitting on the table.

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The next photo shows the man’s right hand being held down by the punishers who are wearing white gloves. The liquid from one of the water bottles is poured onto the man’s wrist.

The next image shows the meat cleaver cutting off the man’s hand while another man holds the victim’s arm down.

In December, another victim had his hand amputated by ISIS after being found guilty of theft. The punishment of this man also took place in public in front of many small children, according to IB Times.

In February, ISIS live-tweeted the amputation of the hand of another man accused of theft. The Twitter account that posted the punishment had about 96,000 followers and more than 20,000 tweets before it was suspended, according to the Washington Post.

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ISIS released its version of the penal code in December which details a list of crimes and their respective punishments. Blasphemy against Allah results in death. The punishment for adultery is stoning until death if the adulterer was married and 100 lashes and exile if he or she were unmarried. Drinking alcohol results in 80 lashes. The punishment for stealing is cutting off a hand, as reported by Jihad Watch.

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Photo: Wikimedia


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