ISIS Pay Scale Revealed


A series of documents released by a scholarly journal on April 22 reveal salary details as well as records of daily activities within ISIS.

The documents show ISIS pays out low base salaries to its workers, but gives "subsidies" if the worker has wives and children. The Washington Post details the story of a worker named al-Jiburi, who only received $50 a month as a base salary but received $50 for each of his two wives and $35 for each of his six children under the age of 15.  "Female captives" -- or sex slaves -- would entitle him to an additional $50 per month.

The records show ISIS is coming under increasing financial strain from the weight of trying to fight a multi-front war while compensating its soldiers and workers. The records show that ISIS now rations fuel, electricity and other resources. Fighters are also banned from using vehicles for personal reasons, notes Christian Post.

Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi, a British scholar who obtained these papers and published them in CTC Sentinal, said, "The documentary evidence confirms the current coalition approach has brought about significant losses for the Islamic State and put it under pressure on multiple fronts."

Al-Tamimi warns that the dire financial conditions suggested by these documents do not necessarily mean ISIS is faltering.

"You have to be careful.  Some defectors are claiming that the Islamic State’s end is imminent, but I don’t see that. It’s just not the case," al-Tamimi said in an interview.

Sources: The Washington Post,Christian Post / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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