ISIS Orders The Deaths Of Children And Infants With Down Syndrome


Living up to its reputation for barbarity and depravity, terror group ISIS has authorized its members to kill children and infants with Down syndrome and other disabilities.

Media outlets including Britain's Express and Mirror have relayed information first reported by Iraqi activist group Mosul Eye, that ISIS "Sharia Board" has issued an oral fatwa -- a ruling -- to "kill newborn babies with Down syndrome and congenital deformities and disabled children."

Information from Mosul Eye detailed that most children born with Down syndrome in territories that are controlled by ISIS tend to be children of foreign fighters who married Iraqi, Syrian or Asian women.

The activist group confirmed 38 cases of infants between 1 week old and 3 months old who had some kind of deformity being killed by ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. The executioners reportedly used either lethal injection or suffocation to kill the infants. 

The stories that come out of Syria about ISIS are sometimes difficult to confirm. If true, the new ISIS "fatwa" marks another similarity between the terror group and the Nazis, which considered disabled people to be a "burden on the state," as the Mirror points out.

One Facebook commenter described ISIS as even worse: "I have just shed tears for these babies. I have two children with special needs, my heart is breaking. They are worse than the Nazis."

A coalition including the U.S., Britain, France, Russia and several Middle Eastern countries has committed to defeating ISIS with the use of military force in Syrian territory.

So far, ISIS has been able to support itself through a combination of oil sales, smuggling and other illicit activities. Amnesty International described arms trading, in particular as one of the main reasons that ISIS has been able to thrive in Iraq and Syria over the past two years.

Sources: Express, Mirror / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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