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Report: ISIS Official Killed By Woman From The Sex Slave Trade

A high ranking Islamic State (ISIS) commander who had been known under the alias “Abu Anas” was reportedly killed Saturday, Sept. 5, 2015, by an Iraqi woman who he used as a sex slave for several months. The death is one of many acts of resistance by the women who were abducted and forced into the terrorist organization’s sex slave market. 

News of “Abu Anas’” demise broke on Iraqi network Alsumaria News, and the death was confirmed by Kuridstan Democratic Party spokesman Saeed Mamouzini. He was killed in the Ral Roman district, west of the Iraqi city of Mosul, according to International Business Times.

The death of the ISIS official coincided with the delivery of an unspecified number of “non-Iraqi” women to Mosul. Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself had ordered the women be transferred into the Islamic State-controlled city. 

There are no reports on the fate of the woman who had killed “Abu Anas” or how she had murdered him. She is believed to have been a Yazidi-Kurd who “Abu Anas” married off to several Islamic State members, reports Russia Today.

Islamic State's sex slave trade is thriving, and the organization has turned Mosul into a market where abducted women are auctioned, IB Times reports.

Many of the women sold in Islamic State's sex slave trade are from the religious minority Yazidi, who have been displaced from both Iraq and Syria. Islamic State currently holds over 3,000 Yazidis hostage.

Women bought for sex by Islamic State militants can be as young as 1, Bloomberg Business reports.

The death of “Abu Anas” is not the first time women in Islamic State's sex slave trade have resisted. In July 2015, the organization executed 19 women who had refused to be married off, according to a Kurdish official who spoke with Iraqi press. An additional 15 were executed in August for the same reason.

While Islamic State has lost a top official, it has also recently gained a small army of children. Kurdish Spokesman Mamouzini confirmed that the terror organization abducted 127 children from Mosul with plans to train them to become suicide bombers. 

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Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot


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