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Islamic State Members Caught Slaughtering Live Animals

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Seven men thought to be Islamic State group cell members have been arrested by Israeli security forces after reportedly being caught violently beheading live animals in preparation for an attack on Israel. They were supposedly beheading the animals as practice for what they would do to Israelis. 

All seven reportedly admitted to being a part of Islamic State group and have been plotting to attack the Druze Israelis — a branch of Shia Islam — and security forces in the Israeli region. It is believed they were trying to set up a terrorist network in Israel as well.

The men were arrested in the Northern region of Galilee in November and December 2014.

If they are indeed a part of Islamic State group, the men are the first of its members to be found in Israel.

Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security force, claims the men slaughtered animals to prepare themselves for “slaughtering infidels in Syria,” according to their indictment. The seven also allegedly met regularly to discuss their violent ideologies, build homemade bombs and prepare themselves to fight with Islamic State group.

The Jerusalem Post identified the seven as Adnan Aladin, 40, a lawyer in Nazareth; Hasam Marisat, 30, a former security prisoner from Deir Hanna; Karim Abu-Tzalah, 22; Alaa Abu-Tzalah, 27; Halad Abu Tzahalh, 30; Sarif Khaled Abu-Tzalah, 29; and Muhammad Abu Tazalah, 27.

According to the newspaper, the central member of the cell is Aladin, who called himself a “senior and official [Islamic State] officer in Palestine.” He was suspended from his job with the Public Defender’s Office in July after he wrote a Facebook post in praise of an Islamic hadith about killing Jews.

During an interview with Israel's Channel 2, Aladin made remarks on the planned attacks in Israel saying that they should be expected and that Israel “is part of the Muslim lands that were usurped.” He compared the massacres done by Islamic State group to what he said were atrocities committed by the U.S. and its allies worldwide. He went on to say that “Islamic State will make sure justice is served.”

The men face several charges, including “membership of a banned group, aiding a terrorist group and attempting to contact with a foreign agent for their alleged plot to set up a branch of ISIS in Israel and eventually fight in Syria,” says The Independent.

Sources: Daily MailThe Jerusalem PostThe Independent Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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