Report: ISIS Fighters Disguise Themselves As Women, Flee Syria (Photo)


Islamic State (ISIS) fighters have reportedly shaved their beards and dressed up as women in an effort to flee Syria.

In order to cross the country’s border into Turkey without detection, ISIS jihadists have been allegedly seen shaving and wearing niqabs, or veils that cover everything but a woman’s eyes, Breitbart reports.

Photos of abandoned beards first appeared on Twitter and were uploaded by the Sunday Times journalist Hala Jaber. She credited Abou Fadel, editor-in-chief of Al-Masdar News, as the source of the images.

“Photo apparently showing left over beards shaved off by rebels running 4m #Syria,” Jaber wrote on Twitter.

The photos have since been retweeted hundreds of times, with many Twitter users pointing out the hypocrisy of “holy warriors” fleeing danger.

“The lions of the caliphate are now the scared p***ies,” Malcolm Rawlinson, one Twitter user, wrote.

Interestingly, shaving facial hair is forbidden under Sharia law. ISIS leaders have also banned shaving for the male population of Mosul.

Moscow, Russia, security services have alleged that thousands of terrorists have abandoned their weapons and fled to Turkey since Russia began its army air strikes against jihadi forces in Syria.

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Soources: Daily Mail, Breitbart

Photo Credit: Twitter,, YouTube


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