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Watch: Toddler Happily Beheads Teddy Bear In Front Of ISIS Flag (Video)

Islamic State (ISIS) group, or someone inspired by the terrorist group, recently released a disturbing video of a toddler (below) wielding a large knife and cutting the head off a teddy bear.

The title of the video in Arabic is: "The Son of One of the Mujahideen Part II," reports NY Daily News.

As music plays in the background, the boy, dressed as an Islamic State member, attacks the stuffed animal in the same manner that Islamic State terrorists have used on live victims.

The boy later raises his knife in the air, while a man off-camera shouts, "takfir," an insult to nonbelievers, notes the Daily Mail.

The British news source has not confirmed that the video was released by Islamic State group.

Steve Emerson, founder and executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, told the Daily Mail:

"Indoctrinating kids with (Islamic State) fanaticism is not only the easiest population to indoctrinate but also produces new generations of (Islamic State) believers and ... at some point fighters.

"Their goal is to rebuild the Islamic societies they have conquered into a global comprehensive Islamist system that ... takes over all aspects of society from garbage collection to teaching at the madrassats (religious schools)."

Sources: Daily Mail, NY Daily News

Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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